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A Better Solution works closely with some leading corporations in a variety of ways to make sure that we can provide the best solutions and training. Our relationships, large and small are both cherished and critical to solve your most pressing needs.

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A Better Solution, Inc. Partnership Details...

A Better Solution, Inc. Partnership Details...

Because IBM produces such a strong toolset, ABS made a well-thought-out decision to make the IBM Brand a mainstay product set to support.

ABS has achieved the highly coveted IBM Gold Business Partner status that indicates a commitment to maintaining the highest competency levels needed to sell as well as provide training, consulting and support for the IBM Rational Products. A Better Solution will always make the highest effort to stay ahead of the game and at all times be well-trained in the IBM Rational toolset.

"A Better Solution, Inc. has focused exclusively on the IBM Rational brand since their beginning in 1997 and is truly an IBM brand specialist. They have always provided consultants with the deepest skill and experience levels and have maintained a superior client track record. ABS has proven their ability to quickly assess complex client installations and produce a plan that leads to a successful software rollout, migration, customization or policy modification. They provide excellent mentoring services that lead to the Best Practice use of tools by our clients.

They are also skilled at identifying new customer opportunities and have quickly developed a reputation for helping to facilitate and implement significant to large software solutions with complex client installations. I do not hesitate to recommend them for professional services and training for all things IBM. "

    - Wade Towles, IBM Brand Technical Specialist

IBM is a worldwide leader in Automated Software Quality (ASQ). The ASQ market includes diagnostic products for developers, testing products for quality assurance professionals and enterprise-wide products for teams developing and managing important software projects. IBM offers an integrated set of premier ASQ products designed to enable Windows and UNIX development teams to address the challenges of complex software development.

HCL Software Partnership Details...

HCL Software has a strong DevOps presence developed by both acquiring/extending products like ClearCase to create VersionVault and developing their own DevOps products into their own HCL Software DevOps suite. This clear and obvious synergy made it an easy decision for ABS and HCL to form partnership that provides benefits to both of our clients.

HCL Software DevOps is a comprehensive Secure DevOps product suite comprised of powerful, industry-proven software solutions. The portfolio offers robust products for organizations in complex, regulated industries to advance their DevOps practices with value stream management, continuous delivery, automated testing, and security scanning capabilities.

"HCL Software is thrilled to welcome ABS to our DevSecOps partner ecosystem in North America! We will be taking further steps to foster our collaboration and make sure we are able to bring value to our existing and future customers. ABS is a group of well established DevOps experts that we decided to team up to strengthen our delivery thru partners."

    - Janusz Moroz, Global DevOps Channel Leader

HCL Software is a division of HCL Technologies (HCL) that operates its primary software business. They develop, market, sell, and support over 20 product families in the areas of Customer Experience, Digital Solutions, Secure DevOps, Security & Automation.

A Better Solution, Inc. Partnership Details...

Based in Israel ALMtoolbox (formerly Gomidjets) provides configuration management (CM) plug-in solutions for IBM Rational ClearCase and professional consulting services for Rational Team Concert (RTC), ClearCase and ClearQuest. We are pleased to partner with A Better Solution, which allows us to resell their best-of-class products to our clients in Israel and abroad while also extending the footprint and support availability of our products in the United States through ABS.

"ABS has already sold their products to many of our clients and government agencies so we are excited to build on that momentum. With their exceptional tools and our knowledge of our local markets, it was a perfect fit. Now we can extend the reach of our own tools by leveraging their reputation in and knowledge of the US market."

    - Tamir Gefen, Founder/CEO ALMtoolbox

A Better Solution, Inc. Partnership Details...

Over one million users employ the Planview (formerly TaskTop) ALM integration technology to transform the productivity of software delivery, by connecting the development, testing, Agile planning, PMO and operations functions into a unified software development and delivery team. Planview customers are the global leaders in financial services, insurance, government and manufacturing, and include the top banks in the world and the leading US insurance companies.

Planview Hub (formerly Tasktop Hub) helps IT leaders create an efficient and interoperable tool stack for their teams, eliminating error-prone duplicate data entry, messy handovers, and manual traceability.

Planview Viz (formerly Tasktop Viz) enables CIOs, transformation and agility executives, and engineering and product leaders to measure value streams, uncover bottlenecks, and address dependencies in software delivery to become more efficient, predictable, and profitable.

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